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Refunding, Replanning & Improving

REFUNDING THE PRE-SALE & NEW POSSIBILITIES - We have planned and tried to figure out the best possible future for Droplet, and we have come to the conclusion of refunding the Ether from all investors of the pre-sale. Every Droplet token holder will get their invested Ethereum refunded, and will get to keep their Droplet tokens
(disclaimer: not if the Droplet token is renewed).

WHY - We believe that by refunding the invested Ether, we can do major changes to the project without putting any money at risk and it will be easier to commit greater changes to the project. We will begin the process as soon as possible, and we will not do major changes until all the Ether is refunded.

NEW POSSIBILITIES - We now have the option of having an Airdrop, ICO or both. We can change the Droplet asset, by creating a fork of another coin. We could also create the Droplet mainchain right away and skip the token stage,
the possibilities are endless.

Author: Oskar Andreas Berg, 12.03.2018

Postponing the ICO, developing a more complete product

POSTPONING THE ICO - We have chosen to postpone the Droplet ICO to develop a more complete product before we ask for funding. We have come to the conclusion that postponing the ICO is a more professional step at this time. This is not bad news, it only means that we'll have more time to develop a more complete product before ICO stage and before launch. We will also get more time for marketing, team building & planning+testing. We are not here to take your money, we are here to create a great project with a strong community, so if you at any time feel uncertain about your investment in the Droplet pre-sale, feel free to contact us for a refund. However, the Droplet ICO will have a 10X higher price than the current price
[Current price: 0.1 Dollars, ICO price: 1 Dollar.].  

Author: Oskar Andreas Berg, 05.02.2018


All Ether Refunded - The Road Ahead

All Ether gathered from the pre-sale has been refunded. We are now ready to commit major changes to the project. We are excited about the road ahead.

We are working on a forum for droplet, located on the website as the subdomain "". The forum will mainly be to learn and discuss issues, improvements or other cryptocurrency/blockchain related subjects. The forum will also provide the user with live prices, latest news, and a wiki shortly introducing the reader to a large selection of coins & tokens.

The future is looking bright although the bans of cryptocurrency & ico related commercials are banned by google, facebook and twitter. We are still confident in the project and we sensurly belive that the ban of cryptocurrency and ico commercials is a temporary fix for the ICO scams that has been taking place. 

Author: Oskar Andreas Berg, 30.04.2018

Pre-sale is complete

The Pre-sale is complete - The droplet Pre-sale is now complete, we reached the softcap and we are set for a great start. A new website, published whitepaper and a detailed video introduction is next. The ICO is set to begin in late April, the exact date is not set yet. We hope to reach our goals this year and we are now certain about Droplet has a bright future. There are numerous events to happen this year for cryptocurrency, and we can't wait.

Starbucks announces plans to accept cryptocurrencies.
Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, is officially considering cryptocurrency for Facebook. More & more companies looking for cryptocurrencies & blockchain for use in their business.

We believe 2017 was the year of growth, speculation, and discovery and that 2018 will be the year for adoption. 

Author: Oskar Andreas Berg, 28.02.2018

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