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Privacy is key in todays society, privacy & security is our main priority.

Why Zk-Snarks?

Zk-snarks is one of the best open source privacy solutions out there. It allows for untraceable transactions by encrypting the data.

Does it work?

There are many coins that have adopted Zk-snarks from Zcash, coins like Ethereum, Zencash, Hush, and Zclassic. When Droplet moves out of the token stage and over to its own blockchain, we will implement Zk-snarks to make Droplet private.

When will it be ready?

Our team is currently working on numerous features & innovations. Zk-snarks are one of three important features we will be adding to Droplet by 2018.

ZK-SNARKS - How they work

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