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WNS - Wallet Name Service will make it easier to send and receive cryptocurrencies. It eliminates the difficulty and risk of typing mistakes. Any wallet can implement WNS, it is free to use and allows people with little experience to use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.

Trust Platform

Droplet offers real use of a cryptocurrency as a payment, it is a decentralized and privacy focused cryptocurrency with simplicity in mind. The "Trust" platform adds real use of a cryptocurrency and will let cryptocurrency holders buy and sell goods & services for Droplet. 


For private purchases and activities, we are integrating zk-snarks. A technology that allows for untraceable transactions.
Zk-snarks is one of the best open source privacy solutions out there. It allows for untraceable transactions by encrypting the data. There are a few coins that have adopted Zk-snarks from Zcash, coins like Ethereum, Zencash, Hush and Zclassic. When Droplet moves out of the token stage and over to its own blockchain, we will implement Zk-snarks to make Droplet a private & secure form of payment.

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