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WNS - Wallet Name Service


Wallet Name Service

User Friendly

WNS is a user friendly wallet service that allows cryptocurrencies to be used on a daily basis. Linking a wallet address to a name, with the use of txt records. 

Free To Use

The WNS will be free to use and free to implement for existing wallets. When it is ready, the WNS Builder will allow for, fast & easy implementation for existing wallets.


The WNS is a secure wallet service similar to ENS(Ethereum name service). No information is needed or leaked when using this service. It is anonymous, private, secure & easy to use.

WNS - Registering a new ID

WNS lets you register your wallet address to an ID, using txt records and a subdomain. The subdomains will be free but will have some cooldown time for next time you want to register a new ID, this is to prevent one person from taking control over the subdomains. The subdomain cooldown will increase for each time you register a new ID.

WNS - Creating a transaction

Creating a transaction with WNS is very easy. All you need to do is to type in the ID of the receiver, choose the amount you would like to send and click on send. The transaction fees are already set, but you can choose 'manual wallet' to get access to fees, manual address inputs etc.

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